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Welcome to L’HÔTEL du LAC - an immersive experience of Vietnamese culture for your next stay in Hanoi. Nestled in Hang Trong Street, in the beating heart of the old quarter, we are proud to bring back the theme of traditional folk prints - the popular paintings that had set their place deeply in the soul of Hanoian and remained its glamor once upon a time. Your vacation in our place is promised to be full of color, joy & happiness.

Rooms & Suites

Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room get the inspiration from artistic heritage and the vibes of traditional festivals. Touching lights...

Executive Room

This is a haven of luxury and leisure in this bustling city and inside all is handcrafted wooden décor in muted Asian color palettes.

Junior Suite Balcony

The surprisingly hidden gem that brings about exceptional boutique accommodation. Junior Suite Balcony is....

Premium Suite Balcony

For those who are looking for a little luxe, imaginative design and sensational living space. The decor is harmonious...

Du LAC Grand Luxury Suite

With contemporary and classical interior designs, our Grand Luxury Suite rooms embody extravagance and refinement

Du LAC Sunset Terrace Suite

The Sunset Terrace Suite promises an aesthetically private & pleasing room, and it delivers. Day's sweetest moments are at dawn - the approach


Bespoke Art Collections

L’HÔTEL du LAC is a little like an elegantly furnished boutique gallery. Interior spaces start your journey through local culture with collections of artwork, literature and artifacts. Each tells a captivating story about the locale, providing historic context with fascinating tidbits of information. More than a hotel, L’HÔTEL du LAC is a work of art in itself, every nook lovingly embellished with pieces that connect to the greater story.

L’HÔTEL du LAC Hotel's Definition of Luxury

La Nuit Dining

Part of L’HÔTEL du LAC exclusive nature is La Nuit Dining, sharing the same space in the lower echelons of the hotel

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Le Ciel Sky Bar

Heading to Le Ciel Sky Bar is obviously the perfect way to kickstart the weekend. Whether it’s an exclusive party you’re looking for, or a more relaxed evening with friends, there’s an alfresco spot to suit all occasions.


Lobby Lounge

Shimmering on the beating heart of Hanoi, with the sunlight shining through and its rays reflecting on the glass panels

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La Maison Spa

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Hanoi city, a peaceful paradise is waiting for you.


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No.35 - 37 Hàng Trống Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi Old Quarter

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